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An Hempowerment movement to strengthen transformative ideas and perspectives.

It is possible to move the world to make conscious changes, where everyone deserves space to have dignity to think, be and make it happen, without barriers, naturally free.

Trusted quality

The Hemp Vegan products have a cannabinoid analysis certificate from the Austrian Institute IFHA.

Farm to Shelf

We use organically grown hemp sourced from our own farms, all of which are owned and operated by Hemp Vegan Zoo® and our farming partners.

Third Party CBD Lab Testing

An independent laboratory isolates and tests the compounds found in CBD oil or any other CBD product. This allows them to put a quantifiable number onto the levels of THC and CBD in the product.

Hemp Vegan Zoo®, Trstenik, Slovenia

We are 100% farm-to-shelf, overseeing every step of the process until your product ships to your door.

CO2 and Non-GMO Organic Ethanol Extraction

We choose to use only the safest and highest-quality extraction methods. To uphold the integrity and benefits of Hemp Vegan Full-Spectrum CBD+CBG Oil, we utilize advanced cold pressure CO2 supercritical and non-GMO organic ethanol extraction methods and never use additional solvents. CO2 extraction ensures the preservation of the natural properties of the hemp plant to create the purest, most potent CBD extract.

To get free consultation contact us via e-mail: zoo@hempvegan.health.


Our goal is to demystify marijuana and bring cannabis to people's homes.

Since our birth, we are entitled to the Access to Cannabis, but breaking the taboo has been our main happened alongside our evolution as a cosmetic line. They are fully handcrafted vegan products infused with marijuana. We receive daily testimonies of how this facilitated open dialogue and access to knowledge. We have gone through another transformation process aiming at complying with the requirements of regulatory bodies.


This is our History

Hemp Vegan research and development of cannabis-infused vegan products. cannabis & wild harvest.

April 2021
The Story Begins

We demystify the power of psychedelic nature, developing vegan cosmetics based on organic terpenes with an experience focused on the therapeutic effect of each product.

Brazil Launch!

Our inaugural line of cosmetics from the hementrepreneurship initiative is made with a set of terpenes and CBA not only capable of producing well-being, but also inspired by classic strains of Cannabis.

Outubre 2021
Setember 2021
Hemp Vegan Zoo

Partners to supply our certified cannabis supplies.


Investment in R&D for the development of a new line of vegan and certified products, in the creation of a chemical department, space adequacy, training in the correct use of PPE by our production team, we completed our pharmaceutical SOPs, seeking to improve regulatory standards.

December 2021
April 2022
Product Launch!

There are many cannabinoids receptors throughout the brain and body. The skin care can reduce keratinocyte turnover, inflammation and even sebum production. They are also likely to have an antioxidant effect.

Hemp Vegan® Europe: An international sales team, Hemp Vegan Health SL Europe oversees company operations throughout several major European countries.

Hemp Vegan Zoo® has farming partners growing hemp organically in Slovenia e Switzerland. We also own and operate a 1474-acre organic hemp farm in Slovenia. We use QUALITY AUSTRIA ISO 9001:2015, third-party lab testing, and CO2 extraction methods to ensure the health and safety of all Hemp Vegan™ products.

Hemp Vegan UK: Subsidiary company in the United Kingdom

Hemp Vegal PT: Looking for local partner to join us! Get in touch here.

Hemp Vegan Brazil: We demystify the power of psychedelic nature, developing vegan cosmetics based on organic terpenes with an experience focused on the therapeutic effect of each product.

Partners Hemp Vegan

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Arranz Library

We believe in the potential benefits of all psychedelic nature and other forest offerings. Learn more.

We comply with the European Cosmetics Regulation (EU) No. 1223/2009 and Commission Regulation (EU) No. 655/2013. Learn more.

Explore natural and vegan cosmetics with a fresh perspective.

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