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Barbara Arranz

"Cannabis is ancient medicine. It is sacred, feminine, welcoming and healthy. It is life, a seed that germinates and is born from the Earth. Cannabis is access, connection and struggle. It's the duality between strength and delicacy."


Specialist in cannabinoid medicine and technique in cosmetology with specialization in dermatology.

Bá da Linha Canabica

Founder of the largest community platform for the dissemination of knowledge about cannabis in Brazil.

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Pioneer in the construction of protocols for the therapeutic application of phytocannabinoids.


My goal is to demystify marijuana and bring cannabis to people's homes.

Barbara Arranz | Founder


Our history with Cannabis begins when the founder,Barbara Arranz, M.D. was in university looking foralternatives for her youngest son. Raul, 10, wasdiagnosed with ASD, a less severeautistic spectrum condition. With that diagnosis, shedeepened her studies on CBD and, along with herbiomedicine course, she graduated at Learn Sativa Cannabis, Specialization Cosmetology in Dermatology and Diet Therapy in Metabolism Disorders and Oxidative Stress at Euroinnova.

Our purpose is not only to sell cannabis oil or cannabis products, but also to spread information about it. We want to make it simple, go past the taboo, and show how medical marijuana can improve lives. Barbara Arranz, M.D. Bio scientist and Founder Community Linha Canabica.

Barbara Arranz & Hemp Vegan

My goal is to demystify marijuana and bring cannabis to people's homes.

Since our birth, we are entitled to the Access to Cannabis, but breaking the taboo has been our main happened alongside our evolution as a cosmetic line. They are fully handcrafted vegan products infused with marijuana.

In Cannabis, that is not easy to root for this cause, that is not easy to be an entrepreneur in this market, that is even more woman, mother and wife doing all of this and being present in the life of our significant other.

I do not accept failures when working on that, but I had to learn that failure sometimes is part of learning. So, I want to thank you for staying here with us, I want to convey to you the immense GRATITUDE I feel for you believing in Cannabis, and in my team's work, we put our souls into everything we do, that's what we believe in.

This is our History

Hemp Vegan research and development of cannabis-infused vegan products. cannabis & wild harvest.

April 2021
The Story Begins

We demystify the power of psychedelic nature, developing vegan cosmetics based on organic terpenes with an experience focused on the therapeutic effect of each product.

Brazil Launch!

Our inaugural line of cosmetics from the hementrepreneurship initiative is made with a set of terpenes and CBA not only capable of producing well-being, but also inspired by classic strains of Cannabis.

Outubre 2021
Setember 2021
Hemp Vegan Zoo

Partners to supply our certified cannabis supplies.


Investment in R&D for the development of a new line of vegan and certified products, in the creation of a chemical department, space adequacy, training in the correct use of PPE by our production team, we completed our pharmaceutical SOPs, seeking to improve regulatory standards.

December 2021
April 2022
Product Launch!

There are many cannabinoids receptors throughout the brain and body. The skin care can reduce keratinocyte turnover, inflammation and even sebum production. They are also likely to have an antioxidant effect.


Headlines as an Entrepreneur Brazilian leader in Cannabis.


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