Cannabis and sex life

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How marijuana can help libido

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Do you know the relationship between cannabis and sex life? Whether to relax, to sharpen the senses or even to stoke the libido, marijuana is a natural alternative that can help millions of people looking to improve their sex lives.

Having an active and healthy sex life is so important that it affects even other aspects. Just to give you an idea, during the sexual act, the body produces and releases a huge amount of substances, ranging from hormones to neurotransmitters. One of these substances is endorphin , the same that is released during physical exercise.

In addition to contributing to sensations such as pleasure and relaxation, endorphins released during sex are able to relieve painful sensations . The apex of the release of this substance occurs in orgasm.

Another very interesting hormone released during the sexual act is oxytocin , linked to pleasure and known as the love hormone . During female orgasm, this hormone promotes uterine contractions. In men, oxytocin promotes contractions of the seminal ducts and favors ejaculation. Scientists believe that the hormone helps to strengthen the bonds between partners .

Did you see? An active and balanced sex life helps to improve mood, contributes to relaxation and is even effective against pain . In addition, research shows that individuals who maintain an active and regular sex life cope better with self-esteem and feel more confident.

How are cannabis and sex life related? Find out below!

Cannabis and sex life: what does science say?

People who make recreational use of cannabis have probably already noticed how the plant sharpens the senses and enhances sexual desire. In addition, cannabis is directly related to relaxation and disinhibition. These effects of marijuana have been perceived and reported by humans for centuries!

But all this is not achism! Several studies published around the world draw a clear parallel between cannabis and sex life. The millennial plant and full of substances does have the power to help many people improve their intimate lives. But how?

A study published in November 2017 in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that people who use cannabis have a more intense sexual frequency than those who do not . The survey titled “Association between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States” analyzed 50,000 American men and women among marijuana users and non-users. The experts’ conclusion was that “ marijuana users had significantly higher sexual frequency compared to non-users .”

The study also shows that the higher frequency of marijuana use was associated with increased sexual frequency. This means that cannabis is directly related to the libido of both men and women.

In another recent survey, published in July 2020 in Sexual Medicine Open Access , researchers surveyed 452 adult female marijuana users to try to establish links between cannabis and improving female sex lives. Of this sample, 72.8% of the women claimed to use marijuana at least 6 times a week . The most interesting thing is that precisely this group was the one that presented the highest rates of sexual pleasure, desire and orgasm .

The experts’ conclusion was as follows: “ Increased frequency of marijuana use is associated with improved sexual function among female users, whereas type of consumption, method and reason for use do not affect outcomes.” .

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Another important aspect of the relationship between cannabis and sex life is the decrease in pain during the act, especially in women . In 2017, an American study of 289 women who reported pain in sexual intercourse from different factors sought to show how cannabis could help.

These women used marijuana before sex for a period of time and were asked to report their experiences to the researchers. The results were impressive: 77% of them said that the use of cannabis reduced pain during intercourse and enhanced orgasm . In addition, 60% of them noticed an increase in sexual desire after using cannabis. The study was published in the International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health .

All the above studies have shown that cannabis is directly related to increased sexual desire, decreased pain during intercourse, increased frequency and intensity of orgasms.

This is because the cannabinoids present in the plant act directly on brain neurotransmitters, helping to release hormones and promote relaxation. Yes, in addition to acting in sex life, marijuana also helps a person relax, which is important for better sexual performance.

It is important to say that many of the sexual problems are linked to issues involving self-esteem, self-confidence and difficulty relaxing. A clear relationship with diseases such as anxiety and depression is also identified . The first barrier to overcome is the fear of talking to an expert . Both the urologist and the gynecologist will know how to guide the patient on how to investigate and treat the root of the problem.

In any case, cannabis is proving to be a natural alternative that can help millions of people in this process. Knowing the plant and the benefits that have been studied and reported is also important.

Lube from cannabis

A very interesting way to incorporate cannabis into your sex life is through CBD Lube . When absorbed by the skin, the 100% vegan and natural product takes effect almost instantly.

One of the options available in the market is the CBD Lube . Made with natural ingredients and not tested on animals, this product has the properties of marijuana, jambu and coconut oil in its composition.

Hemp Vegan Lube CBD

In addition to lubricating and hydrating the intimate region, Lube from cannabis promotes a stimulating and relaxing sensation, which greatly improves the sexual act. The product acts on issues such as dryness in the genital region, pain when penetrating and lack of libido. It can be used in the vagina, clitoris and anus and its stimulating effect varies according to the person's sensitivity.

One of the most interesting issues about the Lube is precisely to help the person discover their pleasure zones. It is important to apply a small amount and test the body's receptivity to the product. Don't be afraid to find out!

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