Cannabis and Asthma: How Can Marijuana Help Those Suffering from this Disease?

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The science is finding that cannabis can help patients with milder conditions as well as those with more complex conditions of asthma.

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It may seem unlikely, but cannabis has properties that can help asthma patients lead better lives without relying on medication. But how? Next, you will understand the relationship between cannabis and Asthma and how the plant can help.

The Brazilian Society of Pulmonology and Tisiology (SBPT) estimates that Brazil has about 20 million asthmatics. Worldwide, it is estimated that there are more than 300 million patients suffering from the disease.

Data from DATASUS (the Unified Health System database), Brazil records, on average, 350,000 hospitalizations annually motivated by asthma complications. All these data show that the possibility of a plant like cannabis being effective in fighting the disease can represent hope for many people.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease caused by genetic and environmental factors that affects the airways or bronchi (tubes that carry air to the lungs). It causes inflammation that closes these pathways and makes breathing difficult and, in more severe cases, can even be fatal if not treated quickly.

Asthma produces a series of very uncomfortable symptoms, including: shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and wheezing . Such symptoms vary according to the patient's clinical condition and may worsen under certain conditions, such as at night or during physical exercise.

Asthmatic attacks occur mainly when the patient is exposed to irritating agents, such as dust, mold, mites, fur, smoke, cigarettes, strong odors and perfumes. Food allergies can also trigger flare-ups.

When the patient knows which agents trigger his asthma attacks, we say he has allergic asthma . When the asthmatic attack is caused by other factors (physical exercise, nocturnal asthma, etc.) we say that he has intrinsic asthma (or non-allergic asthma)

The treatment of Asthma is mainly done with the use of bronchodilators and continuous corticosteroid medications. The disease has no cure and the use of medicines is done for the rest of life.

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Cannabis and Asthma: What Does Science Say?

Many patients can live well with Asthma. But that's not all of them. There is a significant portion that needs extreme attention as to where they are, what they eat, the smells of the environment… everything can trigger a crisis.

What science is finding is that cannabis can help both patients with milder conditions and those with more complex conditions of asthma find a natural alternative to treat the disease.

As you may already know, cannabis is a very powerful plant in terms of chemical composition. There are more than 400 components, many of them known as cannabinoids. Studies are being conducted around the world to show how these cannabinoids can help treat a number of ailments .

One of the most popular cannabinoids in cannabis is CBD (Cannabidiol). CBD is already known to work in relieving muscle spasms and inflammation . In 2015, a study was published where asthmatic rats were treated with 5 mg/kg of CBD for two days. Inflammation and seizures in the mice decreased substantially. The anti-inflammatory effects of Cannabidiol acted at several different levels of the inflammatory response.

Another study showed that the cannabinoid THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) has a potent bronchodilator function , being effective in relaxing and opening the airways. The most curious thing in this case is that the positive effects were felt after the vaporized use of the plant.

Overall, cannabis as a whole contains anti-inflammatory properties, which helps treat both asthma and other inflammatory conditions . Our body has a system, called the Endocannabinoid System , which reacts positively to cannabinoids and whose receptors are spread throughout the body.

That is why the most recommended is to use full Spectrum cannabis oil, that is, the one where all the components of marijuana have been extracted and preserved.

But, where to find cannabis oil to treat Asthma?

Full Spectrum cannabis oil gets its name because it is extracted preserving all the components of cannabis. Care is taken to ensure that the dosage of principles such as THC is controlled and does not produce psychoactive effects.

As a result, you have a powerful oil, 100% natural and that acts beneficially not only in asthma, but also in improving the patient's quality of life, helping to treat insomnia, muscle pain, restlessness and several other diseases.

Some countries already commercialize cannabis oil legally. In Brazil, this process is still being discussed , which leads many people to resort to imports or the help of NGOs and associations.

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