CBD Oil for Pets

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Science is trying to show that cannabis oil can be useful for treating animals as well.

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How marijuana can help treat diseases in animals

The powers of medical marijuana for humans have been increasingly studied and disseminated. But one of the most interesting questions that science is trying to show is that cannabis oil can be useful for treating animals as well.

If cannabis has properties that act directly on the human brain and help treat issues like cancer (and its side effects) and epilepsy , would it be useful to help treat these diseases in pets? According to previous studies, everything points to yes.

But how exactly does marijuana act in these cases? Next, we will bring the information that science already has and the possibilities of using cannabis oil for pets. Come on?

Cannabis Oil for Pets: What Does the Science Say?

If studies involving the use of medical cannabis in humans are still scarce, imagine in animals. However, the few references we have are encouraging.

An ongoing study in the United States aims to show how cannabis can help treat dogs suffering from epilepsy. The research called “ Efficacy of cannabidiol for the treatment of canine epilepsy ” began in 2017 and is in its final phase, expected to be completed in the first half of 2021.

Epilepsy is the most common neurological disease among dogs, affecting about 5% of dogs. It is estimated that between 20% and 30% of dogs suffering from the disease do not respond well to available treatments. In addition, the veterinary drugs available to treat epilepsy can generate side effects that leave animals even more fragile.

These were the main motivations for conducting the study: to find a cannabis-based drug that works in the vast majority of cases and that does not generate significant side effects .

After a thorough assessment of the seizures in the participating dogs, including blood tests and MRIs, one group received cannabis oil, another received conventional epilepsy medications, and another placebo.

When completed, this will be the first major study on the topic, which will provide clearer, more scientific answers about the power of medical marijuana for animals.

Even without a specific basis, Nordic Oil, producer of CBD oil, believes in the medicinal power of marijuana and in its ability to act on animals as it does on humans. So it partnered with a dog shelter called Paradise of Dogs, located in Hungary.

The goal was to donate cannabis oil so that Nicole, the owner of the place, could use it to help treat dogs with various health problems that came to the shelter. The oil was applied directly to the animals' mouths or diluted in their water.

According to Nicole, the results were impressive! “I strongly recommend giving cannabis oil to your pets who are suffering from an illness. Here we manage to control epilepsy, osteoarthritis, Demodex [parasitic mites] and reduce anxiety. It’s really effective,” she says.

Check out the video of a visit made to Paradise of Dogs in 2020 below.

Remember the Endocannabinoid System? It is a pair of receptors (CB1 and CB2) that are present in the brain and other parts of the human body. These receptors react to cannabinoids – key components of marijuana, helping to treat a range of ailments such as epilepsy, chronic pain, parkinsonism, inflammation and insomnia.

Well then! What science has discovered is that the Endocannabinoid System is not unique to humans. It is a system common to mammals – which indicates that it appeared millions of years ago, as a result of the evolutionary process. Researchers believe that such receptors emerged with the aim of regulating different vital functions in organisms.

But, although humans and pets have the Endocannabinoid System, the way of using cannabis oil is different. How to administer it to your pet? Check out some important tips!

How to administer CBD oil to animals?

There is a protocol for introducing cannabis oil to animals. It is called Low Dose .

According to this protocol, it is prudent to start introducing cannabis to animals from a very low dose, to gradually get used to the pet's organism. This introduction period should last between 5 and 10 days, and can be extended if the veterinarian realizes that there is a need for a longer period of time.

📍 Attention : it is very important that both the vet and the animal owner pay close attention to the behavior of the animal in this initial phase of oil introduction. As with humans, the dosage of cannabis oil can be increased or decreased depending on the reactions of the animal's body.

Cannabis is a plant that has low toxicity. Negative reactions to CBD oil in animals are rare and are usually associated with cases of overdose or ingestion of the plant in natura.

By the way, animals should not consume the cannabis plant in natura, because marijuana is rich in THC (which in natura is psychoactive) and secondly because of the greater sensitivity of pets to cannabinoids. If your pet eats cannabis leaves, it's a good idea to see a vet right away .

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